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Your Scoring Key - continued

Your Total Score Assessment, if you scored...


Now that you have worked out your personal lifestyle score based on the questionnaire, your next step is to think about setting up your individual self-development plan. To begin this work, you will be moving to the Setting up your Plan  section of the Program. But first, read an important note by clicking below.

Total of 40-59

It seems your existing lifestyle is perceived by you as being somewhat problematic at the moment. You are in the right place to consider taking appropriate action to work on a self-improvement plan. Hopefully, you will proceed to work through the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan set out in this web site.

Total of 60-74

Your score is high indicating a lifestyle with which you are seriously ill at ease. It seems essential that you work to take more control over your own life. The Program set out here gives you an excellent opportunity to deal with the disquiet you are currently experiencing.

Total of over 75

It is clear that much is out of joint in how you are living at the moment. This score demonstrates that there is much work to be done if your lifestyle is to become stabilised. Hopefully, you will be willing to invest some energy into taking immediate steps to begin re-planning your life. The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan provided here may be an excellent starting point.

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Do you know someone who might gain a real benefit from working through the program set out here?

The Plan is totally free and presented here as a public service for those individuals who want to bring good change in their lives but aren’t too sure as to how to go about it.

In everyone’s life, there are things that have happened about which we are not totally proud. You waste time if you deliberate on why you were so inadequate. You gain everything if you learn through them to set new and loftier goals.

Your Scoring Key [continued]

Total of under 40

You are largely in control of your life and your lifestyle is generally stable  and rewarding. Congratulations on your  score. Nevertheless, you may want to work for further personal development. If so, this web site Program will help you to do this.

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Personal peace and lifestyle enjoyment are the assured products of living according to your own values and ideals….

If your day to day life is based on following the values and ideals of someone else, then it is time to challenge their appropriateness!