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Promise yourself today to  improve your lifestyle in 2020 …

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When you work out your total score from the Scoring Key provided on the next page, it will give you a fairly accurate picture of how you see yourself and how you currently feel about your present lifestyle. It will also provide you with a wide range of clues as to the major areas in your personal life that you might choose to work on if you are to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Generally, questions that have been answered by a YES response pinpoint what are likely to be specific areas of concern. The questions in Set A refer to more serious lifestyle problems and issues than those in Set B questions.

Overall, if you have answered YES to more than about ten of the total questions, the likelihood is that your present lifestyle is somewhat out of control and it is in your interests  to do something about it. This web site can offer you some valuable help. The Program contained here can help you to take immediate charge of your life and assist you in working intelligently to improve your lifestyle so that it becomes more rewarding and fulfilling.

What have you got to lose by following the Program?

Apart from the time commitment, absolutely nothing.

What have you got to gain?

Potentially, a great deal, particularly the conviction that you CAN improve the quality of your lifestyle entirely by your own efforts

Your Scoring Key - continued

If you think that life has given you a raw deal you have probably stated only half the truth. As well, a lot has happened in your life which has been positive and for which it would be appropriate to be grateful.

Remember the glass half empty/ half full analogy. Positive thinking favours seeing the glass half full.

Anyway, you can’t change the past but you CAN change the future. Use the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan to  transform your life in the days ahead.

By making the decision to work through the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan, you are providing yourself with a unique opportunity to transform your life. If you pass on this opportunity, will you really try again in the near future?

If you feel unsuccessful, that you are failing in some important area of your life or you generally feel bad about yourself  - perhaps it is because you are trying to live up to someone else’s goals…

Review your lifestyle and upgrade your goals!