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Your Program Schedule - continued

In the same way, it is advisable to set up a regular weekly meeting with your buddy which is mutually convenient so that the valuable weekly get together is not missed. Try to ensure that when this meeting occurs you are alone together and not under undue pressure of time or in a place which is subject to potential distractions [e.g. with the TV sports channel running or when your children are likely to arrive home from school]. If the regular meeting with your buddy is unavoidably missed, then plan for another time slot for the same week.

A few people may be able to successfully keep the details of a schedule in their heads, but I think most individuals will have problems with this kind of arrangement. Try, therefore, to set down in writing the precise details of your target completion times and the time planned to meet with your buddy. To   assist in this regard, a column has been provided in the Program Monitoring Sheet [see below] where you can record briefly your target schedule.

The Program Monitoring Sheet is a form on which you can record all of the Target tasks you are required to carry out in any one week, in respect of each of your selected Goals, You will need to complete one Program Monitoring Sheet for each of the eight weeks of the Program. This is explained more fully on the next page.

It is acknowledged that some targeted activities may not fit in well with timed slots. For example, if one of your targets is to pay more daily compliments to your partner or children, it is very difficult to relate this to particular times. However, what you can do is to set aside a time when you check with yourself whether or not you have carried out your chosen target. You might, in the example above, do this just before going to bed at night. Whatever your target, there is always a way to monitor it effectively. You just need to work out what the best way is for you.

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Your Program Schedule - continued

Most individuals who visit this site and read these pages will belong to the minority of world citizens who enjoy a relatively safe existence, possess a high material standard of living and who - when they choose to really think about it - have much to be grateful for.

Whatever might be wrong in your life right now, you CAN do something about it. If you are determined to make a difference in your personal world, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan will give you a means to achieve it.

If you are like most people, you are more likely to stumble in tackling new projects and goals when these have not  been worked out fully and when you are without  a well thought out schedule.

When you don’t know the best direction to take to improve the quality of your day-to-day life...


Give it a try!


By evaluating your present lifestyle you come to know where the problems are…

The next step is to select those goals which will resolve those problems and take you closer to where you want to be…