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Your Lifestyle Evaluation - continued

Completing the Questionnaire...

Before rushing to print out and complete the Questionnaire, read through and note the following points. They are listed so that you can obtain the most worthwhile outcome from this question and answer exercise.

After Questionnaire Completion...

Remember, when you have completed the Questionnaire you will be asked to count up and record your responses for each of the possible answers. Details of how to do this are set out on Your Scoring Key page. However, as the method is a little complex, a “completed” sample, which is downloadable, shows in detail how the scoring is carried out. With a little patience, you should have no major difficulty in working out your own score.

Do not download the scoring sample until after you have fully completed the Lifestyle Evaluation Questionnaire.  

When you are ready to download and complete the Lifestyle Evaluation Questionnaire , click at HERE  below

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What is  most required of you as you work through the program set out in this web site is to believe and accept that every individual has the power to change their lifestyle for the better.

YOU can become happier, easier to get along with, be more self-confident, have increased self-esteem and begin to enjoy life more fully if you work conscientiously over eight weeks through the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan.


You cannot move forward until you know where you want to go. You cannot know where you want to go until you have worked out what is wrong with the way things are at the present. Lifestyle evaluation is the precursor to the birth of worthwhile and appropriate goals.

You are largely the architect of the happenings in your life…

You can change many outcomes by altering your plans..

The best plans lead to an organised, satisfying and happy lifestyle


By evaluating your present lifestyle you come to know where the problems are…

The next step is to select those goals which will resolve those problems and take you closer to where you want to be…