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Working with your Buddy - continued

Do not be tempted to dispense with the idea of having a buddy. If you do so, the likelihood of making a success of the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is greatly reduced.

Consider why you would want to limit the Program in this way. Is it because of personal embarrassment or fear that, by asking for support from another individual,  you are making a statement that your present lifestyle is not perfect?  If it is, or if it is related to some form of similar thinking, realise that in today’s world most honest people would  admit fairly readily that there is room for improvement in their own lifestyle. And so, rather than scorning you for your tacit admission [by asking for their support] most mature people would admire you for having the courage to try and bring about the life changes that are important to you.

However, in the rare situation where you find it difficult to secure a buddy simply because you cannot find anyone who is willing to give you the necessary commitment, or you simply do not have any real friends, do not despair. But do not assume this is the situation until you have asked at least two individuals and have been turned down by them. Even then, DO NOT ABANDON THE PROGRAM. Not being able to find a person close to you who is willing to support and endorse your efforts at self-improvement probably says quite a lot about where your life is at right now. In fact, it probably highlights how much you need to work urgently on  developing your personal relationships with others.  In such a situation, and where a buddy is simply not available, take the risk and work through the Program on your own.

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The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan takes you from where you are now [HERE] to where you want to go [THERE] by a series of carefully graded steps and instructions

The Program is totally free and you are not required to register or to disclose any personal details or confidential information.

Your only commitment is your time and effort plus the belief that you have the power to change your lifestyle for the better.

When you communicate with someone else about the things that are bothering you in life, you also display for yourself the dimensions of your particular problems. Often, at the same time, you come up with possible options for their solution.

Later, as this web site develops, it may be possible to include a Guest facility where those interested in the Program may be able to write comments about their experiences with it.  This could prove helpful to someone  who is without a buddy. However, as always with the Internet, great caution should be exercised in divulging personal and possibly highly confidential information to someone unknown to you.

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