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Working with your Buddy - continued

What is the point of having a buddy?

Why can’t I follow the Program entirely on my own? Why do I need a buddy?

You probably can follow the Program on your own but I believe the chances of your ultimate success with it are far greater when you have a buddy working alongside you. Basically, your buddy is there to assist you in making and   maintaining commitment to the Program. This assistance is demonstrated in a number of ways:

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Most individuals who visit this site and read these pages will belong to the minority of world citizens who enjoy a relatively safe existence, possess a high material standard of living and who - when they choose to really think about it - have much to be grateful for.

Whatever might be wrong in your life right now, you CAN do something about it. If you are determined to make a difference in your personal world, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan will give you a means to achieve it.

One of the unwritten goals of the Phoenix  Self Help Life Plan is to be forgiving of. and kind to, yourself. For you are entitled to the same generous allowances for your imperfections and shortcomings as you would grant  a dear friend. Never forget this duty to yourself.

When your life has become wearisome and unrewarding and you no longer feel enthusiasm for all the things you used to find interesting ..…


Personal peace and lifestyle enjoyment are the assured products of living according to your own values and ideals….

If your day to day life is based on following the values and ideals of someone else, then it is time to challenge their appropriateness!