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Working the Program - continued

Perhaps the first thing to do after completing Week Eight successfully is to again congratulate yourself for having worked through the eight week        self-improvement program. Focus on the things you have achieved rather than on any imperfections in your efforts.  Look closely at your now established new lifestyle and examine your present feelings about yourself as compared to what these were only two months ago. If you have selected appropriate Goals and Targets for your Personal Plan and conscientiously worked through the Program steps, you should notice a marked and positive difference between how you feel now as compared to then.

In a sense, you have truly moved from the HERE of pre-Program days to the THERE that you then wanted to achieve. What you have achieved is no mean feat. Lots of people do not stick with   self-improvement programs but give up, for various reasons, shortly after beginning.

It is now most important that you provide yourself with a substantial reward in view of what you have achieved. You certainly deserve it!

Talk also to your Buddy about your success in the Program. Your Buddy will have seen how you have disciplined yourself over the eight weeks in order to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Recall, too, that your success may also, in some way, have been made possible because of the support, encouragement and mentoring provided by your Buddy. Make an appropriate gesture of thanks to that person who has given you such valuable help by monitoring your efforts to meet the requirements of the Goals and Targets set out in your Personal Plan.

At the beginning of the Program, I stated that if you worked diligently and appropriately at the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan, you:


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If you have followed the Program effectively, you should now be able to note significant improvements in all of the above areas. In reality, you have re-planned, reformed and redirected the path your life is taking. These changes will, undoubtedly, lead you to a higher quality, more enjoyable and more satisfying lifestyle. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS !!

If you have lost your sense of direction in life and you are feeling confused and uncertain about the future, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is just the tool you need to help you get stabilised.

You will be given step by step help to evaluate your present distressed lifestyle, to work out the goals that are meaningful for your self-improvement and to construct a new and better way of living.

Using the Plan, you can achieve all of this in eight to ten weeks.

When you have truly discovered where you really want to go,  do not let anyone or anything dissuade you from starting out.  The road you will travel may be long and, occasionally, hazardous but the destination is right for you.


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