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Working the Program - continued

Subsequent Weeks

It is suggested that you apply this same discipline and approach throughout the weeks from two to eight. Above all, maintain a consistent contact with your Buddy and always listen thoughtfully to any advice or feedback provided.  Remember, too, that by interacting with your Buddy you are very likely to  bolster your self-confidence and self-esteem when you are able to  acknowledge, in a more public way, the successes you have achieved in your Personal Plan. It is likely also that your Buddy will want, and be ready, to congratulate you on your steady progress towards your selected Goals.

When you reach the end of Week Four, assuming you have made continuous and consistent progress on your weekly Targets, it is time to    commend yourself on what you have achieved to date. Look closely at your  re-planned lifestyle which your Personal Plan has made possible and you will be certain to regard it with justifiable pride. Note its improvement since the time you first considered taking up the Program. Now is the time to reward yourself in some way meaningful to you.  Convey your sense of pride at your achievements to your Buddy and express thanks for his/her support. Re-energise your determination to continue to work enthusiastically at the remainder of your Personal Plan in Weeks Five to Eight.

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When you come to recognise that life is not going  in your direction, it is time to call a meeting with yourself and to decide what you are going to do about it.

You can complain and blame others and external events, but this will not change the quality of your lifestyle.

You can evaluate your present way of living and work out new goals which will take you in the direction you wish to travel.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan will help you to do this.

You are reminded of the vital role of your thinking, for it can dictate your present feelings and your worst fears. Change your thoughts to the positive and you will feel better, fear less and achieve more.

When you don’t know the best direction to take to improve the quality of your day-to-day life...


Give it a try!