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Promise yourself today to  improve your lifestyle in 2020 …

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The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan takes you from where you are now [HERE] to where you want to go [THERE] by a series of carefully graded steps and instructions

The Program is totally free and you are not required to register or to disclose any personal details or confidential information.

Your only commitment is your time and effort plus the belief that you have the power to change your lifestyle for the better.

If you choose now not to take steps to change and improve the lifestyle which is currently causing you distress, will the distress go away? Probably not.  If you set up and work at appropriate self-development goals will your life be more rewarding? Probably.

The THERE concept...[where you want to be]

Hopefully, by now , you have a broad idea of  your THERE and the types of Goals you might include in your Personal Plan. As already pointed out, No one outside yourself can define your THERE or set down for YOU which Goals and Targets you should select for your Personal Plan. However. there are a number of elements which seem to the author to underpin a successful and happy modern lifestyle, regardless of the age, status, gender or aspirations of the reader. These are in addition to any person’s basic needs for safety, food, shelter and community.

These are presented for your consideration and set out below

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Setting up your Plan - continued

a solid sense of self-worth

clarity of own values and goals

close and intimate (non-family) relationship(s)

supportive family relationship(s)

a reliable means of stable income

workable problem-solving skills

a general sense of purpose in life

involvement in a wider social unit

an ability to express emotions appropriately

confidence in expressing own sexuality

an ability to be assertive

maturity to make own decisions

ability to relax physically and mentally

a spiritual perspective on life

some satisfying hobbies or recreational activities

Please tell your friends and work colleagues about this site and the free online self-help plan it offers

You CAN change your life to become closer to how you dream it might be!


You are largely the architect of your own future…

The steps you take today will have great influence on whether or not you are happy to-morrow.

Why not make to-morrow something to look forward to?