Personal Transformations

Promise yourself today to  improve your lifestyle in 2020 …

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So, you are now facing the BIG QUESTIONS:

What am I prepared to do about improving my lifestyle?

Am I willing to make a real effort to make a difference to the way things are at the moment?

Will I take up the free opportunity offered by this web site to follow through on a  program which has the potential to recharge my life?

Can I afford to ignore the distress and frustration I am currently experiencing?

Am I willing to take the time and make the  commitment to work out Goals for self-improvement which will assist in creating my Personal Plan?

Hopefully, you will recognise that there is no present advantage or long-term gain in taking no immediate action or in postponing your intention to work at self-improvement.

If you choose to take either of these negative options, you are much less likely to return later and to work seriously at improving your lifestyle.

NOW is probably the very best time in your whole life to take on the vital task of self-improvement and lifestyle renewal.

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Setting up your Plan - continued

Can this web site offer YOU any assistance?

Ask yourself why you have come to this site in the first place.

Is it  mere curiosity  or is it, perhaps, related to an awareness that all in your lifestyle at the moment is not as rewarding  or satisfying as you think it could be? Or did you simply stumble on the web site?

Whatever the reason, it might have something worthwhile for you.

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan : inviting you to make a start on the road to a more fulfilling, more satisfying, more peaceful  and  better quality lifestyle. It’s totally free to follow and you will be given step by step guidance along the way.

Make a promise to yourself TODAY to be grateful for the many good things that are happening in your life…

At the same time, note what is not working out for you and do something positive about making helpful changes


You have worked hard to get to this stage of the Program. For your sake, don’t give up now. If you are up to the task or, at least, willing to give it a try, make some brief notes on three or four Goals that have personal meaning for you. Then go to the next page by clicking below.