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Remember, your lifestyle evaluation, as determined by your responses to the questionnaire provided, is just a general pointer to the probable state of your present lifestyle and, in particular,  your perception of it. However, it is invaluable in that it gives you a baseline to start from when you begin to construct your personal development plan.


Unless you achieved a score of less than 40, the message is clear that there is a real need to work on your present lifestyle if you are ever to experience the quality of life that you desire. If you are convinced that this is true, that’s a great starting point for entry to the Program. If you are still unsure as to whether personal change is necessary or worthwhile, take another look at your Questionnaire responses. In particular, look closely at your answers to those questions in Set A. Can you really accept the number of YES answers you have recorded?

Obviously, before drawing up a Personal Plan, you need to know where ultimately you want to be prior to establishing the necessary steps to getting there. To assist in this task, try to evaluate where you would like to be, in all aspects of your life, in three (or two or five) years from now. This approach allows for the consideration and setting up of clear and definable long-term goals and targets which will help you to get THERE. Do not gloss over this task but spend some private time and concentrated thought on it. Make appropriate jottings in your notebook.

This web site cannot define your THERE or set down for YOU which goals and targets you should select for your Personal Plan. This is a task which you must face and for which you must work out some answers. What this web site does do is to point to a number of elements which seem to the author to underpin a successful and happy lifestyle. These are set down on another page. But before you read them through, try to work out some Goals  that are personal to you.

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Setting up your Plan - continued

Sometimes in life’s journey we have to pause and to recognise and admit that the road we have been taking is not leading to the destination we seek.

At such a moment, we need to stop, re-evaluate the lifestyle we have created and devise new goals which will move us in our preferred direction.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is an ideal tool to guide and support us in this difficult but vital exercise.

Do not be in too much of a hurry to get started on Week One of the Phoenix Plan. It is more profitable to spend considerable time and thought  on working out the right goals  to follow  than to begin in an ill-prepared fashion.


When your life has become wearisome and unrewarding and you no longer feel enthusiasm for all the things you used to find interesting ..…


It is never too late to recognise and admit that life is not working out as you want it to be..

It is never too late to decide to make the changes which will take you closer to where you want to be..