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How the Program Works - continued

If you want to achieve the change that you yearn for, or simply want to make life feel better for you, you must make the commitment to work at making your choice of change happen. Otherwise, the change that does happen by virtue of external events and individuals will be the change of someone else’s choice.

You will then have to tolerate and respond to these uninvited and external influences for change, even though such actions may not necessarily enhance the quality of your personal lifestyle. However, if you work through the Program set out here, you have a unique chance to sort out some of the things in your life that are currently causing you distress and spoiling the quality of your day to day existence.

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The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan takes you from where you are now [HERE] to where you want to go [THERE] by a series of carefully graded steps and instructions

The Program is totally free and you are not required to register or to disclose any personal details or confidential information.

Your only commitment is your time and effort plus the belief that you have the power to change your lifestyle for the better.

Your life will not change unless and until you make a commitment of time and effort to work to improve it. Any efforts you make can only result in an improved lifestyle.

You CAN rise above anxiety and depression if you replan your life in line with your own needs and values..

The free Phoenix Self-Help Plan on this site will show you how..

Why not take advantage of this great opportunity?  You have nothing to lose!

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