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And after Week Eight?

You will then review what you have achieved through the Program over the eight week period. You will be invited to look at your lifestyle and compare it to your position of three months previously. You will ask yourself:

      How do I now feel about myself?  


      Is life, in general, better and more satisfying than before?

     To what extent have I moved from HERE [where I was] to THERE

     [where I want to be] ?

If you can answer positively to all three of these questions, you will know that the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan  was entirely worthwhile for you.

You will now  consider the future. Hopefully, you will want to  continue with the positive changes you have already introduced into your lifestyle. Ideally, you will want to restart the Program, this time selecting different and, perhaps, more ambitious behavioural targets. You will, perhaps, want to broaden your knowledge and awareness of self development issues and practices by following up further on some of the Links and Resources accessible on the web site.

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How the Program Works- continued

Sometimes in life’s journey we have to pause and to recognise and admit that the road we have been taking is not leading to the destination we seek.

At such a moment, we need to stop, re-evaluate the lifestyle we have created and devise new goals which will move us in our preferred direction.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is an ideal tool to guide and support us in this difficult but vital exercise.

It is wise to recognise that you are the chief executive of your own life. You can work out the business plan of  how you want your life to be, set the objectives and policies for how things must be accomplished and then sit back and enjoy the profits of happy and satisfying living.


You are largely the architect of your own future…

The steps you take today will have great influence on whether or not you are happy to-morrow.

Why not make to-morrow something to look forward to?