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Next, you will break down each specific behavioural goal into a  series of eight weekly targets, starting with an easy version and/or low frequency of the behaviour and gradually working up to the full target, as originally selected [ sample Goals Summary and Weekly Target  Sheets will explain this more clearly ] The Links and personal development Resources [ currently under construction ] to be included on the web site may additionally assist you in drawing up appropriate goals and target behaviours.

You consult with a friend or buddy, fully explaining what you are setting out to achieve by the end of the eight week program. You discuss with that person your weekly Target Sheets and you invite her/him to support your plans and to assist you in monitoring progress on a weekly basis.

The first week of your Program will begin. When you complete a target behaviour, you will tick it off on the Program Monitoring Sheet [ see Downloads page ]. At the end of  Week One, you will review your progress with your buddy. If you have achieved all of your target behaviours, that’s great! It proves your capacity to bring about desired personal change. If you missed some of your targets, perhaps you will need to redefine the specific target behaviours for Week Two and onwards, being entirely realistic in your thinking. You can enlist your buddy’s help on this.


After the First Week

You will work through each week as in the above step. When you fully achieve your selected targets in any one week, you will allow yourself a small reward. When you reach the end of Week Eight, and you have consistently achieved your target behaviours, you will allow yourself a bigger reward. At least, you will certainly need to congratulate yourself on your worthwhile progress and be proud of the pattern of consistent effort that you will have then built into your life.

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The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan takes you from where you are now [HERE] to where you want to go [THERE] by a series of carefully graded steps and instructions

The Program is totally free and you are not required to register or to disclose any personal details or confidential information.

Your only commitment is your time and effort plus the belief that you have the power to change your lifestyle for the better.

How the Program Works - continued

Amid the crowds, you can sometimes feel very alone. But some of these passers-by do feel the same. You can be sure that on these crowded streets there is someone who would be delighted with your company. Brighten up, for you are an interesting  and loving person.

You make progress step by step… making small changes between the times you think you fail or threaten to give up…

But trying again, until your small changes grow into big and meaningful ones…

and then - suddenly -your goal is reached !