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Promise yourself today to  improve your lifestyle in 2020 …

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After the Program - continued

WHAT IN THE FUTURE? - continued

When you have a clear idea of what lifestyle matters you want to work on further, then begin the Program a second time. Work through all the steps as set out already and maintain the supportive role of your Buddy.

Once again, congratulations on what you have already achieved and good luck with all your future efforts within the Program.

May your lifestyle become happier, healthier, more rewarding, less stress inducing, more prosperous, be filled with  improved personal peace and may you enjoy productive and  mutually stimulating relationships with all with whom you come in contact.

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I want to thank you for working through the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan and for giving me your trust that it would prove a worthy and worthwhile journey.

You have learnt through this eight week exercise that YOU have the power to change your life for the better, regardless of any problems, traumas and disappointments that life brings to your door.

I hope you have come to know as well that life also brings to you some rich and positive experiences and that there are daily happenings in your life which you can embrace with a sense of joy and gratitude.

If you have found this Program beneficial in making your life more satisfying, please tell someone else about it.

Every blessing to you

Ambrose Hardy

Author of Program

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is provided free of charge and as a public service to all.

The author does not have the financial means to widely advertise this web site or the Phoenix Plan details.

If the Plan proves beneficial to your needs, please tell someone else about it.

Any support of this nature which you can provide for the Plan would be deeply appreciated.

You can look forward to a satisfying and happy future if you work in the  present to establish and work towards the goals that match your vision of life.  It’s entirely a matter of YOUR choice.

If you support the free service I am trying to provide for those who would benefit by bringing positive change into their lives:   would you consider becoming a Friend of the Site?

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Make a promise to yourself TODAY to be grateful for the many good things that are happening in your life…

At the same time, note what is not working out for you and do something positive about making helpful changes