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After the Program - continued

If this Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan has really brought you closer to the kind of lifestyle you sought, perhaps dreamed about, before you started to work through the Program, then realise that it is a most important tool in your future self-development. Do not regard the Program as a once only exercise to deal with emergencies, but rather see it as a means by which you can plan and make long term, gradual and carefully selected step-by-step moves towards a better and happier lifestyle. Hopefully, your progress to date will have convinced you that, through using the Program, you have in your possession a valuable self-improvement tool which you can call upon and implement at any future time in your life.

Your recent progress through the Program, while always a matter for rejoicing and self-congratulation, will inevitably have helped you to realise that the task of self-improvement and development is never really completed but is a  life-long and ever present challenge. Even now, in spite of your achievements to date, you will be able to perceive that there are opportunities for further improvement in those areas of your lifestyle which you have already worked on successfully. There will also be new areas for development which have been left untouched to date.

It is my sincere hope that the progress you have recently made by working through the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan will act as a powerful source of motivation for you to continue further in your work of self-improvement. I urge you strongly to   confer with your Buddy within at least two weeks of completing your first round of the Program. Attempt, between you, to formulate any additional lifestyle  improvements that could be tackled and which would further enhance the quality of your day to day existence. Focus, in particular, on the possibilities for progress that could be developed where these are based on the Goals you have already achieved. As before, if you decide to tackle a range of new developmental Goals, take time to choose these carefully and use your Buddy as a friendly sounding board. However, do not attempt more than you are likely to be able to handle.

Read through the Resources section of this web site . [This is currently being set up] This deals briefly with some general  considerations about life areas that can contribute significantly to the quality of the lifestyle a person enjoys. Consider whether or not you have given, or are giving, appropriate consideration to any or all of these matters. Your analysis of your performance  in these life areas will help you to establish new or improved life Goals which you may want to include in any second round of implementing the Program.

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If you want to enjoy a sense of deep peace and spiritual renewal, try going for a solitary walk on a deserted beach.  When you observe the timelessness of the ocean and the sand, you will gain a better perspective of  the temporary problems that beset your lifestyle.


You are largely the architect of your own future…

The steps you take today will have great influence on whether or not you are happy to-morrow.

Why not make to-morrow something to look forward to?